History Fair

 Hello Everyone, The FISH History Fair organizers would like to give you an invitation to participate in our fair this year. It will be held on Wednesday,May 21st. Below you will find the required forms you will need to print.
 Here is what the day will consist of for you and your children.

Our annual History Fair in past years has had 15-30 students participate. These students plan and execute a project about anything in history, perhaps something they're currently learning or something totally different. The project includes a report and a tri-fold board which should display a nice summary of their report.

Students from 4th-12th grades are judged on their individual project. The grades are divided as follows:  4th-6th;  7th-8th;  9th-10th;  11th-12th.  First, 2nd & 3rd place ribbons are given out in each division. We also have a non-judged category for any student who just wants to put a project together and share about it. This option is especially nice for first timers.

First -3rd grades are welcome to participate, however they are not formally judged. We like to give them these first few years to get used to the fair. Usually we have a few high school students look over their projects and give some encouraging words on their Comment Sheets, and then each will receive a Participation ribbon.

We will begin our day with registration, set-up and viewing the projects. Then, while the judging is going on, we have some sort of presentation for everyone. Next, we have lunch together. After lunch we all gather around the projects while each student gets a few moments to tell about their project and what they have learned. At the conclusion of the day, we announce the winners and hand out the ribbons. It's truly is a fun day for all involved.

Please let us know if you would like to come and observe, you and your family are certainly welcome to do that as well.

If you have any questions, would like to help with the fair or would like to come observe please contact Shari Henderson: sharilynnhenderson@gmail.com